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I'm collectively molding myself into the woman I want to be. Yes, it's a bit risky at times and sometimes I find myself second guessing myself because other peoples perception of me. What I should or should not be. Second guess that pose because maybe it's not Godly enough. Thinking about my extended family and what they will tell me is too much. I was afraid of letting the beast out of me. Scared to touch my own dream. I started to realized it was killing me more trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be. Not being truly happy was killing me. I love being fun and expressing myself. I work hard for it, so why not flaunt it? Everyone should have that esteem about themselves. Later they will understand and I'm at the point where I don't care if they understand or see the vision. I see it and I own it. When you get old no one is going to regret the things you didn't do but you. So just do it! Below you can view a tutorial video on how I did this look. I used Fenty products. Here's some flicks from this shoot with Dhinz. He's a great photographer!


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