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A get away.

You ever feel like you've been stagnate or been in one place for too long? That was me. Ready to get out of Houston fast. Like I was on the run like Beyonce. I was on my way going fast like Lil Baby. I was tryna get it! I didn't know which other way to go. Packed up a bag and caught the next flight out. This trip was all about organization, structure, motivation, growth, fun, letting my hair down, following up with things I put on my vision board, and most of all being spontaneous. It's easy to get stuck in a box, just taking care of bills and taking care of life, but I'm a person of growth. I'm at a point in my life where expanding my mind is a must! I took my business cards and handed those out to people I made small talk with. At least you'll have a piece of me once I leave your city. My stay was at The Cosmopolitan. Which I may say was quit impressive. I would definitely recommend this 5 star hotel. Dinner at STK Las Vegas was good. I had the steak skirt (which was tasty), mac and cheese (was really good), and broccolini (that was alright to me), but honey breakfast was amazing! I must say breakfast was actually phenomenal! The french toast was so good with mixed berries! OMG talk about mouth watering. The banana oatmeal was also favorable and nutritious. The eggs were not the best to me but the toast was nice and buttery so that made up for it. Yes I have a big girl appetite! I would recommend The Cosmopolitan if you are in Las Vegas. Here are some pictures and short clips. Check them out below.



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