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The Delano stay

So here I am in Houston debating my whole existance here. I really had a lot on my mind and just wanted to get away. Switch locations and see if I found myself a new place to stay. I just had enough of being in the same place and everything being so routine. It's like my inner being wanted to jump out my own skin.I was over Houston and was craving some food in Las Vegas and look I felt like relocating but I needed to test it out for a week to see if that was really what I needed. So my random self booked a ticket and landed in Las Vegas. I realized that I don't mind moving around by myself so I just went solo. I stayed at the Delano and I really enjoyed my stay. It was pretty and peaceful. I enjoy things like that. I loved the whole ambiance. I booked this stay with the Hotel App and got it for $90 a night. Here's a peek of the hotel and room.

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